BARCHINKAR COMPANY was founded in 1989, and it recently celebrated its 30th birthday:Thirty years of delivering top notch services in the field of designing and manufacturing all types of agricultural machineries. Barchinkar commenced its operations on a lot with the surface area of over 22000 square meters and infrastructures of over 8000 square meters. After receiving the final approval of agricultural machinery testing centers, the company officially started its professional activities in 1991by setting up the production line of PLATE MOWER. In the next stage, Barchinkar managed to launch the manufacturing line of a two-row CORN CHOPPER Tabar,model 72 (Jaguar Design 62 of German Class).

Barchinkar has vastly invested in and relied on the expertise andcapabilities of Iranian specialists. The company has set the employment of full local capabilities for the purpose of advancing toward its long-term goal, which is the self-sufficiency of its home country, Iran.