The 3600 series is highly professional. These machines have been designed using the latest technology and are made of ribbed sheet steel to create a resistant, low weight machine.

 The result is excellent: minimum soil compaction, adaptability to soft, damp grounds, reduced power consumption. Compact design has reduced the baler#39;s dimension for easier shipping, storage and in field maneuverability. Great reliability, quality components, accurate finish is the distinctive elements to update a great tradition. The steel mesh guard over the feeding forks allows the operator to follow the baler#39;s performance at all times. All the moving guards are dynamically balanced. The Feeding fork device is equipped with a solid, automatic release device which regulates the feeding flow. The second fork is protected by a shear bolt. High productivity is ensured by the 36 x 46 cm chamber and the high speed of the plunger mounted on sturdy bearings. The GALLIGNANI-BARCHINKAR knotter, which has always been the real heart of the baler, excels in its precision and reliability, and is suitable for synthetic or sisal twine. The pick up weight is balanced by an Elastic suspension which may be easily adjusted allowing the operator to reduce the ldquo;apparent weight ldquo;on soft terrain. The ground clearance may be increased by reversing the wheel hubs. The GALLIGNANI-BARCHINKAR pick up has a flared intake guide, spring loaded for automatic repositioning. The Height of the pick up wheel is adjustable so that the pick up follows the ground contours at the required height.

bull; The new, automatic chain tensioners 1 ensure reduced wear, increase the life span of all the transmission chains and minimize maintenance.

bull; The GALLIGNANI-BARCHINKAR knotter 2, the real heart of the baler, excels for its precision and reliability. This is achieved through attention to detail through components manufacture, assembly and final testing. The twine tying unit is suitable for synthetic or sisal twine. Alternatively, the wire twister is unbeatable in severe working conditions (dust and sand).

bull; The high performance plunger 3 (104 stroke / min.) is mounted on sturdy bearings which run along heavy duty guides.

bull; The pneumatic pick up wheel 4 may be removed and stored in the rear part of the baler meaning a width reduction (2.5 m) during road transport.

The exclusive GALLIGNANI-BARCHINKAR pick up (170 cm width) 5 is the result of long experience; robust, long lasting tines contribute to the high feeding capacity with any type of crop and swath size. The rear part of the chamber 6 has been lengthened to produce very dense and well formed bales.

  • Standard equipment
    •   twine knotter( Sisal , synthetic or wiretwister for 3690 F )
    •  PTO shaft – Spring loaded, flared intake guide
  • Computer accessories
    •  Bale counter
    •  Road light
  • Accessories on request
    • Centralized lubrication
    •  Swivel ring hitch
    • Short crop plate
    • Drawbar extension
    • Steel bottom roller
    • Rear wheel
    • Right skid
    • Left skid
    • Pick up hydraulic lift
    • Hydraulic drawbar adjustment
    • Mechanical drawbar adjustment
MODEL 3690
Chamber cross section cm 36 x 46
Ram travel / Strokes * cm / no. min 66 100
Min. tractor power kW/ Hp 26 – 29 ( 35 – 40 )
Bale Weight ( Hay ) kg 25 – 35
Bale Weight ( Straw ) kg 20 – 25
Pick up Width ( nominal ) cm 170
Left tire 205.75 – 15
Right tier 165.14
Weight kg 1280
Overall dimensions L x W x H cm 414 x 245 x 172

Product Introduction Video